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What makes SMART, Smart? Part 5: Tried and Tested

What makes the SMART construction system tried and tested?

Transcript of Video: What makes SMART, Smart? Part 5: Tried and Tested

Hello and thank you for joining me for this final episode in the series of what makes SMART, smart?

So far we have looked at what makes SMART Strong, Modern, Aerodynamic, Resilient and today we are focusing on Tested.

Well the Design Director of the Swift Group is Chris Milburn and he is with me now. It’s very good to see you again.

Swift claims these latest caravans with the SMART construction are the most tested yet, so what have you done?

Well firstly can I say that Swift has been testing caravans for many years and the reason why we do that is we see safety is of paramount importance. We want to make sure customers are fully confident with our product. In fact we put the caravans through some extreme conditions on the test track, far more extreme than any caravan would be likely to see in their lifetime.

So what sort of tests do you conduct?

Well we conduct a number of tests in particular durability, functionality and safety.

Well let’s focus first on safety, what sort of testing does the Swift Group do there?

We go to the experts at Millbrook and their state of the art facilities. They put the caravan through rigorous tests including durability testing with caravans taken over different terrain including pave, humps, cobbles and aggressive kerb strikes. This demonstrates many years of use and gives a deep understanding of the torsion and shock load conditions applied to a caravan. All this is conducted to ensure the caravan is stable and can be towed safely.

What about functionality then?

Well we are conscious that many of our customers are using their caravans all year round so it is important for us to achieve a nice warm and comfortable space for them to be in, therefore heating is of paramount importance and all our caravans achieve Grade 3.

We test all our ranges in Cold Chambers such as the one at Truma and Alde’s. In essence a big freezer is used to cool the caravan down to -15oC. The caravan heating system is then turned on and the interior of the caravan is heated up to 20oC in 4 hours. This stresses the heating system and insulation including pipe lagging.

We should also not forget that we fit smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for safety.

Well you mentioned people using their caravans all year round let’s talk about this good old weather?

Yes the weather does pose many challenges to us not least of all the rain but also anti-corrosion, sealants and UV. So we test against all of these particular elements but I suppose the one that is most apparent to everybody is the rain.

We do a lot of water testing on the products and those are significant tests to make sure the whole body of the shell remains water tight even after the durability tests that we have done. And that is why we have introduced a new material: PURe, to our body constriction to make sure no water can penetrate through to the body of the new caravans.

Finally, for the last few years, Swift has manufactured all of its caravans with a 10yr body warranty, will that continue with the latest SMART construction then?

Absolutely Blair, we are the only manufacturer to offer a 10yr manufacturer backed warranty that is a powerful demonstration of assurance to our customers.

OK well as always great to see you and spend time with you. Thank you Chris.

And that’s it from this series looking at what makes SMART smart? Along with this you can see the other four programs in the series on Swift TV or indeed for more information visit the website