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What makes SMART, Smart? Part 2: Modern

What makes the SMART construction system modern?

Transcript of Video: What makes SMART, Smart? Part 2: Modern

Hello and welcome to the second video in the ‘What makes SMART, smart?' series of films looking at the key aspects of the SMART construction process.

I am Blair Jacobs here at Swift HQ once more, today focusing on what makes SMART, modern?

With me now is the Design Director of the Swift Group, Chris Milburn, it’s good to see you again.

Tell me what is so modern about SMART?

Well the modern thing about SMART really is the materials that we are using, all the clever stuff is going beneath the skin of the caravan. That has allowed us to retain the very popular, modern and aerodynamic shapes that we have developed over the last few years.

Behind us we have two caravans, one is a 2013 model year and the other is a 2014 model year. Apart from some changes in graphics the two body shells are exactly the same except the 2013 model year has the standard timber construction and the new 2014 model year van has the new SMART construction using PURe.

So what is PURe then?

PURe is a hard polyurethane material that is ideally suited for structural strength applications. Swift is the first UK manufacturer to use PURe in the construction of caravans although it has been successfully used across other regions of Europe. The benefits of PURe are that it is light-weight, it’s strong and is totally impervious to water.

So what’s changed in terms of the method of construction?

Well very little actually, we have changed the adhesive from PVA to PU but the overall construction remains very much the same as it has always done as that delivers an extremely strong caravan.

Chris, thank you once again, a fascinating amount of information.

If you would like more information on any aspect of the SMART construction then you can go to the website or own video channel at