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Tow Car Awards 2014

Swift Group supply caravans for Tow Car Awards 2014

David Motton presents the winners of the Tow Car Awards 2014.

A record-breaking 56 cars were provided for this year’s awards!

Swift Group provided all the Caravans that were used as part of the testing of the Tow Cars.

Transcript of Video: Tow Car Awards 2014

Over the testing period a range of Swift Group caravans were used from the Sprite, Sterling and Swift caravan ranges to match the towing capabilities of the cars being tested. The vans used were a Sprite Alpine 2, Eccles Sport 514, Eccles Ruby SE, Elite Amber, Elite Searcher, Challenger Sport 514, Challenger 570 SE, Conqueror 570 and a Conqueror 630.

All 56 Tow Cars were tested and rated by the experts from Practical Caravan, What Car? and The Camping and Caravanning Club. For more information visit