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Swift Challenger SE and Sterling Eccles SE 2013

Blair Jacobs, reporting for Swift TV, takes you through all the changes to the Swift Challenger SE and Sterling Eccles SE ranges for the 2013 season.

Transcript of Video: Swift Challenger SE and Sterling Eccles SE 2013

The Swift Challenger and Sterling Eccles are two of the best known ranges from Swift Group, the UK’s leading leisure vehicle manufacturer. Two years ago the dramatic new designs of these flagship ranges changed tourer styling forever. They were quickly followed by new lightweight Challenger Sport and Eccles Sport ranges which took the market by storm. For 2013 season, Swift has transferred this lightweight approach into Challenger and Eccles. The result is staggering weight savings of up to 131kgs, even though equipment levels have actually been increased!

The new ranges both have seven ready-proven layouts; six are single-axle and one twin-axle. Christened “SE” to denote the high equipment level, they share the same body shell with a dramatically raked front, topped by a panoramic roof window. But very different, modern graphics schemes identify the Swift and Eccles brands. They also sport an exclusive alloy wheel design and a key-fob control for the LED outside light.

Inside, new furniture design combines with contemporary fabrics to create a spacious and luxurious feel, and the Sterlings’ Italian Ash wood-grain finish, with chrome detailing, really is stunning.

But the really big news is hidden – Swift has equipped these new ranges with the sought-after Alde radiator central heating system, a first for ‘vans in this price range. It’s powered by gas or by mains electric, with variable power settings up to 3KW. And daily programmes can be set with the new, more user friendly ‘touch’ control panel that is exclusive to the Swift Group. So, all year round comfort is assured.

Supporting the drive for renewable energy and enhancing independence, a 20 watt, roof-mounted solar panel is fitted as standard. In sunshine or bright daylight it will top up the leisure battery when caravanning without mains hook-up or when the van’s left in storage.

The low energy lighting system with over-locker ambient illumination is carried forward from previous models, but new for 2013 are: an LED back-lit kitchen splash-back, LED under-worktop lights, low level night lights, wardrobe illumination and back-lit mirrors in washrooms. Other luxury touches in the washroom are fabric roller blinds and, heated towel rails in all models.

The fridge has been upgraded to the stylish-looking 110-litre Dometic 8-Series model. It’s got an interior light and the flexibility of a removable freezer compartment. Also new in the kitchen is the latest Omnivent 3-speed, 2-way roof fan. Storage details have been priority – moulded pockets are set into the front locker corners, seats and beds have front access flaps and there’s even a second cutlery drawer above the fridge, and an extension flap to increase kitchen work surface.

With such a well-equipped and desirable ‘van you may well be concerned about security. Swift have thought of that too and fitted, as standard, the latest Tracker “Retrieve” Thatcham approved tracking system in addition to an intruder alarm, to protect your investment.

With me now is Gary O’Brien, Swift Group’s Tourer sales manager. Gary, what excites you most about these new ranges?

Winning combination, Staggering weight savings, Increased level of specification, Including Alde, tracker, solar

Gary thanks. I have to agree with you.

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