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Sprite Range 2014

Even the entry level Sprite range boasts Swift’s new SMART intelligent Construction for 2014 along with a new L-shaped lounge model, stunning new graphics and soft furnishings and upgraded heating. Here you see the main changes and features for the new season.

Transcript of Video: Sprite Range 2014

Since its inception in 1949, Sprite Caravans has stood for practical, lightweight and affordable caravans and the Sprite range and has kept these ideas close to its heart today.

A firm family favourite across the generations its popularity has grown and grown in recent years and sales have soared in the past season.

So what has the Swift Group got in store for Sprite in 2014. I am Blair Jacobs for Swift TV here at Swift HQ in East Yorkshire to find out and who better to ask than Nick Page who is the Commercial Director at the Swift Group.

You must be delighted by how well Sprite is performing?

Absolutely Blair, its been a real star in the company’s portfolio, its re-inforced its credentials as an excellent entry level tourer based on being practical, lightweight and extremely affordable.

So for 2014 Nick what plans does Swift have for improving this icon of caravanning?

It was a daunting challenge Blair but I am sure Sprite buyers will be delighted with what we have achieved.

Sprite gets SMART, our new intelligent construction system. Interior and exterior design updates. Grade 3 thermal insulation for all year round comfort when touring and a whole host of specification upgrades.

So lots of improvements, you’ve already said your certain your customers will approve of them, you’re going to be charging them a lot more for this caravan aren’t you?

Well Blair, we’re mindful that times are really tough but we’ve worked with our suppliers to introduce all these upgrades at extremely competitive prices and we believe Sprite with prices starting from £13,000 is probably the best built and specified caravan on the market today.

Well Nick always good to see you, thank you for telling us about it. Good to see you once more.

As Nick mentions, the new SMART intelligent construction system has been introduced on Sprite, keeping its aerodynamic profile and delivering an even lighter, easier to tow caravan. If you want more details on SMART you can go to Swift TV or indeed


Now for 2014 the Sprite range has a new exterior ‘retro’ graphic scheme in champagne and graphite, providing a modern twist if you like on a yesteryear design and the stylish retro feel continues inside aswell. The new upholstery is this ribbed, dark chocolate decadent fabric with metallic threads and the geometric pattern scatter cushions and curtain fabric really do hark back to Sprite’s origins.

The fabric is complemented by the lockers and panels finished in in Mali acacia wood grain. The carpets are removable and sectioned for greater practicality and sit over the French oak effect vinyl floor covering.

The well equipped kitchen now comes with a granite effect kitchen sink and most models also have a worktop extension. Along with a Thetford 3 burner hob, oven and grill there is also a 113 litre Thetford fridge.

Another practical addition is the NEW Ecocamel shower hose and head in the washroom that ingeniously delivers a more powerful shower with less water.

The heating and hot water system in all Sprites has been upgraded from last season, with each model benefitting from either a dual fuel Truma Combi 4 or Combi 6. Both systems have achieved the Grade 3 standard through rigorous testing. So even if its sub-zero outside you can experience comfort and warmth on the inside.

Security is enhanced with convenient one key operation and NEW high security locks on external doors. This is in addition to the popular Thatcham Approved TRACKER retrieve system introduced last season.

A key element of Sprites appeal is the ability to tailor the equipment level to match a budget and there is a wide range of options to select.

Most popular is the panoramic sunroof that allows light to stream into the front of the caravan and a microwave is included as part of the keenly priced Diamond pack.

You know as Nick mentioned, improving on Sprite for 2014 was a really tough challenge but it looks like the Swift Group has delivered on every aspect that has made these caravans the success they are today.

If you would like more details of course visit your local dealership or indeed where you will find all the details on specifications, layouts and prices. You can also see other related video on the website. I’ll see you again soon.