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SMART Intelligent Construction

For 2014, Swift has announced a major development in caravan manufacture with the introduction of an intelligent construction system known as SMART.

Transcript of Video: SMART Intelligent Construction

Hello and welcome to Swift TV, I am Blair Jacobs here at Swift Group’s Headquarters in East Yorkshire with news of exciting developments in the construction of Swift, Sterling and Sprite ranges for 2014.

From their inception in the 1960’s to today’s market leading ranges all Swift Group caravans have been constructed using timber frames: a strong, robust structure around which the caravan has been built.

Well Swift Group’s engineering knowhow and manufacturing capability has evolved over the years leading to significant improvements in build quality and the structural strength of each caravan.

For 2014, Swift has announced a major development in caravan manufacture with the introduction of an intelligent construction system known as SMART.

Well I’ve been talking with Chris Milburn, Design Director at Swift about what SMART means.

Well Blair, this is a very exciting time for Swift and the culmination of years of hard work by the development team here.

The SMART intelligent construction system uses a structural body frame using material called PURe and this is the material here, it is a hard polyurethane based product ideally suited for structural strength applications which means it is an extremely good replacement for timber.

In fact using this particular material PURe, we have been able to replace all the Timber in the structure of our caravans.

So why then is it called SMART? (Blair)

Well it’s called SMART because it perfectly describes the ingenuity of the construction system, it is a marriage between established structural techniques and modern technology.

And the letters of the word SMART stand for specific benefits: Strong, Modern, Aerodynamic, Resilient and thoroughly Tried and Tested.

OK, so that’s SMART, tell me a bit more about PURe? (Blair)

Well PURe is a fantastic material, it’s chemical make-up means it is inherently strong and tough. And we can vary the density of the materials as well to improve its strength characteristics for certain parts of the body frame structure. It is also impervious to water and has a proven track record in being used in similar applications across Europe.

OK but what makes PURe better than Timber? (Blair)

Well its consistency. PURe is a fully engineered product so we can predict exactly how it will perform within the structure of a caravan.

Timber on the other hand is a totally natural product. No two trees are the same so essentially when you build something structurally out of timber there is a propensity to make it over-engineered and consequently heavier than it needs to be. Whereas with PURe we can tune it to suit the application.

Secondly, PURe is impervious to water, it does not absorb water whereas wood obviously does. If water was to breach the seals on a caravan then with timber it absorbs the water in, with PURe it won’t do that. Obviously when water is absorbed into a caravan it can be repaired but that is something we want to try and avoid at all costs…………..