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Holiday Home Buyers Guide part 2

Holiday Home Buyers Guide part 2

Transcript of Video: Holiday Home Buyers Guide part 2

Well welcome to Part 2 of Swift Group’s buying guide to a Holiday Home.

In Part 1 you may remember Duncan Smith from Swift explained the six steps to buying a holiday home and walked us through the first three.

For part 4 he has arranged for me to come here to this dealership in my chosen area of Shropshire where I am due to meet a guy called Paul Simpson.

Hello, are you Paul? I’m Blair

Hello Blair, have a seat, how can I help you Blair?

Well Duncan sent me along to see you because I want to buy a Holiday Home, I’ve done a bit of my research. I know the sort of Holiday Home that I want, I know roughly the area I would like to be in, so what’s next?

Well our aim at Salop Leisure like most dealerships is to find the right package for you: is to find a park that suits and go on to find a holiday home that ticks all those boxes for you.

That sounds great, so where do we start?

Well what we need to do from here is ask a few questions about the holiday park, what sort of things you are looking for from your holiday park, once we have done that I’ll get an idea of two or three parks that may suit the bill and from that we’ll go and have a look at some holiday homes?

Paul explained that I needed to think over….

  1. What facilities need to be available at the park as some just offer a pitch whereas others provide shops, a launderette, club house, childrens play area, swimming pools and tennis courts.
  2. Would I prefer parks with plenty of activities or quieter parks
  3. Where would I like my pitch, nearer the facilities or further away?
  4. What view would I like to have in the park?
  5. What level of site costs would I be happy to pay?
  6. What if the park had restrictions such as no pets, adults only, owners only etc, would that be a problem for me?

So having thought that all over Blair, what sort of things would you be looking for on a park?

Well I guess I would like a family orientated site but with shops, a club house, tennis courts maybe but a quieter pitch away from the main hub but with countryside views would be really nice. Site costs should be OK but I do have a dog and I want to bring him with us would that be alright?

Yes, I’m starting to get an idea of a couple of parks in mind now already that I think will tick the boxes for you but naturally these parks may not have the holiday homes available on site that might be right for you so what I would like to do now if it’s alright with you Blair is perhaps if we pop outside have a look at one or two of the holiday homes that I think might fit what you’re looking for and take it from there. How does that sound?

Paul walked me through a variety of holiday homes that met my specification and were within budget. He also explained that it is important to look at the quality of the construction, what guarantees are available, what heating system is used and the level of insulation.

Well Paul’s been brilliant, he showed me around a whole raft of holiday homes but I think I’ve made my choice, the Swift Moselle is the one I think I’ll go for. Why? Well it’s got the right specification for me, it’s about the right price, it’s got some good space inside as well.

I’ve left Paul now and I’m on my way to meet a guy called Scott Higgins at a park Paul has recommended I come and have a look at. Scott’s waiting for me at a Park about half an hour from the dealership and it’s a park that has room to site the Moselle, and I am really quite looking forward to it because in weather like this, look at this countryside, it’s stunning.

Step 5 is the all-important park visit. During our visit, Scott showed me around the facilities at each park such as the fishing lake, the spa with pool and steam room and the club house. We walked around the park to get a feel for the location and looked at possible pitches so I could see the views.

Scott also explained that they run a ‘try before you buy’ option so you can have a few days on site to make sure your first impressions were right.

Well I tell you what Scott, we could not have picked a better day to have a look around, you have really spoilt me, thank you very much for showing me round but I guess that brings us on to step 6?

That’s right Blair, the easiest and hardiest part – paying for it.

And If I can’t have all the money to you immediately, what can you do for me?

Well we do offer a number of finance packages and we would be happy to discuss those with you.

OK well maybe that comes at a later date.

Thank you once again for showing me around, it’s been a real pleasure, beautiful countryside, thank you.

So there we are the 6 steps to buying a holiday home right the way from is it right for me, through to completing the deal.

If you would like more details on the Swift Holiday Homes available including the details of the Swift approved dealers then do please go to the website