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Holiday Home Buyers Guide part 1

Holiday Home Buyers Guide part 1

Transcript of Video: Holiday Home Buyers Guide part 1

With more people choosing to stay in the UK for their holidays, the style and quality of today’s Holiday Homes has led them to become a more popular choice. In fact, once tried, so many are so impressed by the holiday homes they are deciding to buy one for themselves.

But how do you go about buying your own Holiday Home?

Well I am Blair Jacobs for Swift TV, here at Swift’s HQ in East Yorkshire to meet National Sales Manager Duncan Smith to find out.

Hi Duncan, I’m Blair nice to meet you, thank you for seeing me. I’m hoping to buy a holiday home where on earth do I start?

Well Blair, there are 6 simple steps to follow and we have a Holiday Home Buyers Guide to help you on your way:

  1. Owning a holiday home, is it right for you?
  2. What do you want in a holiday home?
  3. What area or region do you want locate it in?
  4. Visit the dealer and choose your holiday home
  5. Finding your ideal park
  6. Completing the deal

Alright, so let’s start with step 1, is it right for me? What do I need to consider?

Well there are a few things to consider Blair: firstly, ‘Home from Home’ comforts; secondly, known locations, are there particular parts of the country that bring back fond memories for you e.g. from a childhood; thirdly, are you going to use the Holiday Home, are your friends and family going to use the holiday home to warrant the use and investment you may be making? And also you’ve got to consider how much have you got to spend on the holiday home itself, and along with that the running costs and park fees that may come into consideration as well.

You mention running costs, tell me more about this.

Well Blair, all around the UK different parks will have different running costs. This could be down to location, could be down to facilities on park but typically depending on what is on offer you could be looking at anything from fifteen hundred pounds (£1,500) a year to the more premium parks at maybe five thousand pounds (£5,000) a year, but it all depends on what you really want out of that park.

OK Duncan, so I’ve decided I want to progress, what’s step 2 again?

Well you now need to consider what you want in a Holiday Home. So you need to look at things for example

  1. How much living space you might want particularly different months of the year?
  2. How warm or how thermally efficient a particular model maybe.
  3. Bedrooms could be a consideration if you’ve got family or guests that may be using the holiday home.
  4. How many bathrooms you may need?
  5. What type of kitchen it may have.

But all these things are available to view on our Swift TV channel or also on our website where we have layouts, specification information along with also where you can see these holiday homes.

We also recommend visiting one of the dedicated holiday home shows at either the Lawns in Cottingham or maybe the show at Beaulieu down in the New Forest. We also have a strong presence at both NEC shows in October and in February.

But more importantly I would highly recommend visiting one of our many distributors throughout the UK.

So now I have selected the models that I’m interested in, I move to step 3 and select the right area?

Yeah, a very important part of the process and definitely something you need to consider carefully. Particularly how far you want to travel? Do you want to be coastal or inland? Is there a particular part of the country that holds special memories. I know when I was a child caravanning holidays in Devon and Cornwall hold a lot of fond memories for me so that might be somewhere I would consider but you need to decide where you want to be really.

For me it has to be countryside, I’ve always loved the welsh borders, ideally I’d like to go there.

A great choice Blair and at Swift we would very closely with our distributor network around the UK. In that particular part of the region we have got Salop Leisure so the next step would be for me to make a call for you to go and visit Paul where he can look after you and show you what they have got to offer and hopefully show you some of our holiday homes.

Thank you Duncan, good to see you, thank you for sparing me the time.

So there we are half way there. So far we have covered: Is owning a holiday home right for you? What do you want in a holiday home? And what area do you want to be in?

Well that’s it for Part 1 in our buyers guide to owning a holiday home. If you want to find out how I get on at the distributors click onto Part 2 and of course for more information on owning your own holiday home or lodge go to the website