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Carrera 4

If your passion is climbing mountains or running across fells, perhaps biking through forests or maybe you just like to explore off the beaten track, then the New Autocruise Carrera 4 from Swift is for you.

Transcript of Video: Carrera 4

If your passion is climbing mountains or running across fells, perhaps biking through forests or maybe you just like to explore off the beaten track, then the new Autocruise Carrera 4 from Swift is for you.

I’m Blair Jacobs, once more here at Swift HQ to discover what it is about this all new van conversion that appeals to the outdoor adventurer.

The exterior has a striking look with privacy windows, dynamic graphics that reflect the Carrera 4’s sports credentials and 16 inch alloys.

The car-like cab interior comes with cruise control, aircon, amplified sound system and rear parking sensors.

To get you to your destination, the Carrera 4 is fitted with a Peugeot 2.2 litre, 130bhp engine. It’s easy to drive, it’s quiet, and it’s economical and complies with Euro 5 emission standards.

Built on a long wheel base, this 4 seater, 2 berth really does deliver on space utilisation and a host of features designed for outdoor pursuits.

Like the 40w solar panel that will help keep the accommodation battery topped up, a roof rack and a roll out awning.

Moving onto the well equipped kitchen, there’s a two ring gas hob, there’s an oven, a microwave, and domestic fridge, in fact everything you need to provide that restoring meal. Sadly though, there is also a sink so there is no excuse not to do the washing up.

Now the dinette area comes with two travelling seats finished with black leather surround with quilted seat and backrest.

Gloss white upper locker doors, the hessian effect panelling and ultra-low energy lighting, including dimmable above and under locker lights, well it really does create an inviting and relaxing space.

Now French oak effect vinyl covers the floor. Now not only is it stylish and hard wearing, it’s scratch resistant as well.

For all year round heating, a Truma Combi 4 is fitted for a more efficient and faster warm up and there is a digital control unit for easier programming.

Now all Autocruise van conversions meet Grade 3 heating standard and if you would like to see how Swift tests for Grade 3, then just check out the video on Swift TV.

Now opposite the kitchen is the washroom, this is remarkably spacious and includes a shower and when you are not in it, it is also a good place to hang your clothes maybe you could even hang your wetsuit.

Now at the back is a large transverse bed and it can either be fixed or folded up and provides ample storage areas for larger items. That space can also be accessed through the rear doors.

And when it’s time to kick back and relax, there is a 22 inch Avtex flatscreen TV with DVD and freeview and it can be mounted either here or at the front.

Now I have been speaking with the Commercial Director at Swift Group, Nick Page and asked him why he had launched the Carrera 4?

Well Blair we recognise that there is a growing number of people who want to experience the great outdoors all year round. Those people have got different requirements; they need to carry sports equipment: canoes, surf boards, bikes. So really with this particular product we tried to set out to deliver what they need.

So what were the main challenges for the designers?

Clearly these vans, by nature of how they are going to be used, are going to be used in remote areas, places where there are very few amenities. Space obviously was very important, space is actually at a premium in this product, so we needed to concentrate very much on creating a combination of storage and living space, and lots of care in design. We obviously had to consider how people would carry their kit: bikes, canoes, surfboards, ropes, but obviously also find it a very relaxing space in which to wind down after their activities, so considering Grade 3 insulation, all those kinds of things really.

So why buy an Autocruise Carrera 4?

We think with the way we have designed the product that it really does meet the specific needs for outdoor experiences. It’s a fantastic package Blair, lots of equipment, striking exterior and interior finish, a very high specification and included in the price is TRACKER, European Whole Vehicle Type Approval, Grade 3 heating which we talked about, leather seats, an audio and TV package, ladder and roof rack and alloy wheels. So it really is the complete package for the great outdoor experience.

So there you are, if you’re looking for the perfect getaway vehicle for exploration and adventure, visit your nearest Carrera 4 dealership.

Or indeed for more on the specification and prices on the Carrera of any other of the Autocruise range then go to the website