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2012 Nick Page Interview

Nick Page, Swift Group Commercial Director, brings you up to date with all the majors changes to the new seasons caravan, motorhome and holiday home products, on show for the 1st time at the Lawns show in Cottingham Sept 2012.

Transcript of Video: 2012 Nick Page Interview

Hi, I’m Blair Jacobs and welcome to Swift TV, a brand new programme that will bring you the latest on anything to do with the market leading Swift Group.

News items, new product launches, special promotions, tune into Swift TV on the new look Swift web site for the latest on what makes Swift’s touring caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes the most popular in the UK.

I am here at the Lawns Show 2012, to launch this new web based channel and I’m delighted to be joined by Swift Group Commercial Director Nick Page to bring us right up to date on Swift’s plans for the 2013 season.

Before turning to 2013, how has Swift fared over the past year?

We have been delighted with how strong the business has been, new innovative ranges have performed exceptionally well in every area of the business. From the New Challenger and Eccles Sport that have delivered weight saving and great style, to the ground breaking Auvergne holiday home that has been incredibly well received due to its sloping roof and trifold doors.

Looking ahead Nick, how are your customer’s needs changing?

Well Blair, we are seeing three clear themes:-

Lighter cars - meaning that tow weights of tourers have to reduce

People are more environmentally sensitive - so we are constantly looking to improve fuel and aerodynamic efficiency

And in todays economic climate everyone wants exceptional value for money

as you say Nick, times are tough out there, what are Swift doing to bring some sunshine into our lives?

Keep prices down, increase spec, design more value for money products in the middle to lower price brackets to encourage more people to buy.

Caravanning seems to weather recession better than many big ticket purchases. Why?

Rise in staycation holidays in the last few years. More people staying in the UK more families looking for real value holidays, outdoor lifestyle etc.

With 2013 looking as though it is still going to provide a challenging market what is the good news from Swift.

On tourers we have continued to drive down weight, improve specification and bring our tourers into a market where we have something that can be towed by just about every sensible family car. Sprite models start at under £10K and give you everything you need to start caravanning.

We also added the new Challenger and Eccles Sports models in 2012 and together these ranges are by far our most popular offering an ideal combination of style, value and affordability.

We’ve taken this ethos into the new 2013 Challenger and Eccles SE ranges which can be seen in separate videos on Swift TV.

One advantage Swift has over its competitors is that it is the only company to manufacture in all three sectors of the market, tourers, motorhomes and holiday homes.

What have you done in the other two sectors to help Swift weather the storm better than the competition.

Holiday homes has been a great opportunity for us to bring a new dimension to a market that has stagnated with old fashioned design.

We’ve gone from no where when we entered the market 6 years ago to challenge the market leaders with innovative new designs like the Auvergne and Moselle and breathed new life into both the private owner market and the holiday market where large operators like Bourne Leisure and Haven Holidays specify our products because they offer a great experience for people renting homes on their sites.

That leaves motorhomes. Probably the most affected market in the current climate because of the high price of entry. How are you tackling this market.

In very much the same way as the touring market, by offering better value and great design and making sure that more of our motorhomes start around the £40K price tag.

We’ve added more flexibility with many of our motorhomes now offering 4 seats with seat belts, some of our Autocruise van conversions now take 4 people, and the new Sundance and E 400 ranges lead their sector on looks, price and specification. Full details on our new great value motorhomes can be seen on the new web site

You’ll also find videos on the new Autocruise van conversions and the Sundance and E 400 on this channel..

Some of the added value features you have launched this year are unique to Swift and show how you have both innovated and given greater value

Yes. All our tourers and motorhomes now have a Tracker system fitted as standard. Insurance companies are insisting on this now and by fitting it to everything we can negotiate a price that saves the customer hundreds of pounds and the fuss of fitting.

Eco friendly solar roof panels have been fitted to our more expensive tourers generating 20 watts of power via the sun, Alde heating is now in all our mid and upper range products and the touch screen operation is unique to Swift this year.

Well the Lawns Show seems to have kick started the 2013 season well for you. I look forward to talking to you again at the Caravan and Motorhome Show at the NEC Birmingham which opens on October ? All the Swift Range will be on show and you can get full details at